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We performed soil trials and plant lab tests that led to the development of a signature compost product that is used in all of our topsoil mixes. Growsource compost returns nutrients to the land in a safe, usable form and helps bring inert, barren soil back to life.

topsoilGrowsource’s 3-way topsoil is blended specifically for new lawn installations (sod or seed) and a wide variety of landscaping projects. Whatcom County gardeners love this rich, black soil—it’s fertile, virtually weed-free and stays loose and drainable. Our 3-way topsoil mix includes our signature compost that allows the soil product to retain moisture without turning to mud. It has a balanced pH and therefore, does not need lime. You won’t find any clay-based soil in our mixture.

Flower and vegetable gardeners are fans of our 4-way garden blend. It is a super mix, rich and black. Our bulk garden soil contains a generous portion of compost—the soil product is screened which results in a fine, workable finished product. The Growsource garden blend soil will truly make your neighbors wonder what you did to grow such a bountiful garden and beautiful flowers.

Bulk soils from Growsource are tested by a highly respected soil and plant lab to ensure our quality standards.