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When seeding a new lawn in Whatcom County, spread our topsoil blend three to four inches deep across the designated area. Add a fertilizer high in nitrogen, with low or no potassium or phosphates. Rake thoroughly and roll lightly, then spread seed evenly with a broadcast spreader or by hand. Cover the seed with 1/4 inch of topsoil and roll lightly again. Keep moist and continue keeping moist until seedlings are well established. Maintaining moisture is one of the most important parts of installing a newly seeded lawn.

When planting perennials, trees, shrubs or annual flowers, remember that water is very important—even in our somewhat mild NW Washington climate. A lot of the water you give garden plants will evaporate out of the top of the soil in warm weather. Water deeply and control evaporation by using bark or mulch in planting areas.

Three or four inches of bark will accomplish several things for your landscape:photo-1442436172704-0c2b07db3436
• Hold moisture in place, slowing the evaporation process.
• Stop water runoff as you water your planting beds (a good thing around shoreline areas and in the Lake Whatcom watershed).
• Beautify your flowerbeds, giving them a uniform or finished look.
• Help control weed growth, allowing moisture to be used by the plants rather than the weeds.
• Moderate soil temperature.
• Bark helps to release nutrients from fertilizer applied to your plants. Plants can respond better to fertilizer when bark is present.
• Note: Never pile bark or mulch heavily against the trunk of any tree or shrub, as this can result in death of the plant or tree.

To keep a lush green lawn and maintain healthy plant life using Growsource compost and topsoil, we recommend fertilizing once every four to six weeks during the growing season. Use a fertilizer high in nitrogen and low in potassium or phosphorous for the first half of the season. Then use a fertilizer with all three elements for the remainder of the season. Also, an application of gypsum at planting time and two or three months later will enhance the ability of your plants to use all of the nutrients available.